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Sjekk ut kjendisenes drøye Justin Bieber-fornærmelser


Få artister er like elsket og hatet som Justin Bieber, noe som la et særdeles godt grunnlag for den såkalte “roasten” av superstjernen, som denne helgen ble spilt inn for TV-kanalen Comedy Central. Konseptet går ut på at man én gang i året får se en av Hollywoods vakre, rike og berømte stjerner bli jekket ned atskillige hakk av et lite utvalg venner, kjendiser og komikere. I år var “offeret” altså Bieber, som faktisk hadde ønsket seg roasten til 21-årsdag.

Det er mulig at han angret på akkurat det etterhvert som Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Shaquille O’Neal, Will Ferrell, Pete Davidson, Natasha Leggero, Jeff Ross, Chris D’Elia og Martha Stewart gikk til verks med sine verste fornærmelser. Nedenfor kan du lese et utdrag av det som kommer til å bli sendt på amerikanske TV-skjermer mandag 30. mars.


– At 21, he’s the most famous living celebrity in the world. He has over 60 million followers on Twitter, 40 million on Grinder. – Kevin Hart


– Justin’s fan are called beliebers because it’s politically incorrect to use the word retards. – Natasha Legerro


– He’s actually considered American because no Canadian has ever been this big of an asshole. The man proves we’re protecting the wrong border. – Kevin Hart


– You have a tattoo of Jesus. Why you gotta bring Jesus in your mess? That man has suffered enough. – Shaquille O’Neal


– Justin has fucked more models than bulimia. He’s the only thing they swallow and don’t throw back up. — Pete Davidson


– Justin, you’ve become a cocky little shit. You are the King Joffrey of Pop. — Jeffrey Ross


– This kid has spunk, moxie and probably a few other STDs. I always encouraged people to stay classy. And what’s more classy than hanging out with Floyd Mayweather?” – Will Ferrell (som Ron Burgundy)


– Justin, you have to straighten up, son. Last year, you were ranked the fifth most-hated person of all time. Kim Jong-Un didn’t rank that high. And he uses your music to torture people. – Shaquille O’Neal


– When your momma was 17 years old and got pregnant, everybody told her to get an abortion, and they still trying to convince her right now. – Snoop Dogg


– Selena Gomez wanted to be here, but she’s dating men now. Is it true you dumped her because she grew a mustache before you? – Jeffrey Ross


– Justin wants to be black so bad he’s actually seen Kevin Hart’s movies in theaters. – Ludacris


– He has the voice of an angel and has the haircut and tattoos of a lesbian butcher. – Kevin Hart


– He signed the guest book at the Anne Frank House and saying he hoped Anne would have been a Belieber, but instead she lucked out and died at a concentration camp. – Hannibal Buress


– I’m here to give Justin Bieber some tips for when he inevitably ends up in prison. The first thing you’ll need is a shank. I made mine out of a pintail comb and a pack of gum. Change up those tattoos. You have an owl on your arm and the word patience on your neck. I would suggest the words white power full back so you don’t look like some 14–year-old girl’s Trapper Keeper. And make sure it is in a muted black and grey palette. No color that’s for pussies. — Martha Stewart


– You’re such a poser and you act so black I’m surprised you haven’t been choked to death by the NYPD. – Chris D’Elia


– There are rumors you might have been dating Kendall Jenner. What dating site did you meet on, OKStupid? – Jeffrey Ross

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