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Les britiske «Business Insider» sin beskrivelse av den norske russen


Den britiske redaksjonen til Business Insider har ramset opp 10 norske ord og uttrykk som ikke finnes på engelske (men kanskje burde gjøre det. Blant «Skjerp deg», «Koselig», «Marka», «Glad i deg» og «Tøffelhelt» finner vi også «Russ», som nettsiden beskriver slik:

«Visit Norway during the first half of May and it seems like every teenager in the country is dressed in red overalls. This is the most visible part of “russetiden,” a celebration of high school graduation that ends on May 17 — Norway’s Constitution Day. For three weeks (which are, stupidly enough, before exams), high school seniors drink, party, and pull off pranks to let off the steam of 13 years of education. They are called “russ,” wear overalls based on what academic program they attend (red is for general studies, and is by far the most common), hand out “business cards” to little kids (mostly with a raunchy pun on them), and attract disdain from the rest of the populace. The morning of the 17th of May might end in something like this.»


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